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No, Angela and John are not characters out of a Disney film. But, “Beauty and The Beast” is one way to describe the blend of differing talents and skills they offer you as a home buyer or seller.

"Beauty" Born to a well respected artist, Phyllis Trozzolo of Kansas City, from birth Angela was raised to see the beauty all around her that others often miss. Read more...

"The Beast" Don't let his smile and easy sense of humor fool you: John is a licensed attorney and an absolute "beast" when it comes to protecting your interests in the contract paperwork. Read more...



Home Buying
Made Simple

Want to make your home purchase simple and be sure you don’t miss the home that’s just right for you?

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Home Selling
Made Simple

Want a simple process and the confidence you will sell for the best price possible?

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What Our
Clients Say

We’ve had frequent job relocations, and worked with lots of agents. We knew John & Angela through friends, and they were as pleasant and easy to work with as any agents we’ve known. Given our situation, John negotiated the best price and terms for us possible. We’re so glad we chose them!

Glenn & Debbie – Catonsville

They say they ‘make real estate simple, but does that really work? Well, our first agent tried 6 months to sell our house and failed. Then we tried John and Angela, and they sold our home in 16 days! What did John and Angela do better? Everything! If you want a simple approach that works, call them first!

Stefan & Charlene – Columbia

Angela, you are an outstanding agent! Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and pride. I am definitely seeing the reasons why Keller Williams is so renowned. And I appreciate all the teamwork. Cheers! It’s already a blessed year!

Rick & Sara – Elliott City

I interviewed many agents and choose the biggest agent in the region. Well, he may be “Mr Big” but he didn’t sell my house! After not selling for 9 months I was in dire straights, facing foreclosure. John said he could arrange a “short sale” and in just 20 days my home was sold, I avoided foreclosure and I could move on with my life! I absolutely recommend John & Angela.

(Name held confidential) – Catonsville

We were selling and buying, and felt concerned about how our move would affect our kids. John & Angela made our sale and purchase as simple as possible, making it easier on our kids (and us!). They are good at their business and genuinely care for their clients.

Chris & Stephanie – Woodbine, MD

Coordinating a purchase and a sale is stressful, even staying in the same zip code! We wanted agents who we could trust to be careful, accurate and 100% on our side. John & Angela were all that and more. Their simple approach really does reduce stress.

Bob & Connie – Columbia, MD

With Us

If you have questions, or would like more information about buying and selling in our area, please leave your name and contact information.